Mega Income

arsenal deal 

Arsenal Football Club is one of the biggest and well known clubs in the soccer based world. I have supported and followed this football club for fifteen years and I admire everything the club has achieved in the past, plus their accomplishments in the era we live in today. the club in its early days was very successful but in recent years it has not tasted the success in which the club is expected to do. There are numerous reasons to why this is; caliber of players, lack of leaders or inspiring players on the pitch. I personally agree with all those stated above but its the lack of financial assistance that’s been the main cause in the clubs trophy drought. In the past nine years the club has had to sell their world class players in order to bring money into the club.  This all finally changed in the summer of 2014 when arsenal signed a deal with mega sports and clothing brand Puma. With this occurring the clubs financial status increased and improvement happened. these mega brands like puma, Adidas and Nike sponsor nearly every sports enterprise on the globe from soccer to tennis. these mega brands bring financial help and stability to sport.


When the following season came along Arsenal football club was back where it belonged.

High quality players were brought in which resulted in them winning their first major trophy in eight years.


Arsenal made thirty billion from this investment and they are a financially stable club now.

Written by: Seosamh O Cuirrín


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