Nike’s Million Dollar Investment.

Manchester City have become one of the richest football clubs in the world in the last ten years. The club was bought by the owner of Etihad Airways in 2008 and since then they have become a global franchise. Every year they can afford to buy the best and wealthiest players in the world as they receive upgraded deals before every season. The latest mega deal that has come in to Manchester City is from Nike. Nike are funding the club $20 million per year, a deal which is set to run until the summer of 2018. this is very likely to be renewed once the current contract runs out. From the neutral perspective and the hardcore football followers they are not happy with the funding the club is receiving on a regular basis.

I believe it has been a negative approach towards the game itself. The club has done well because they are receiving income everyday from people buying the clubs merchandise all over the world. Nike are seriously benefiting from this mega deal but I believe the older generation of Manchester City fans would prefer it how it was when they were younger. I have no doubt that these huge sporting deals are beneficial to some, but in the case of Manchester City, an already wealthy club, deals like this aren’t necessary.

Written by: Seosamh O Cuirrin


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