O’Neill’s; The Best Sport Clothing Branch in Ireland.

O’Neill’s is the biggest and most successful sporting brand on the island of Ireland. It was established in 1918 and has been ever present since its founding.  O’Neill’s was set up in early Ireland to help support our national sports; football and hurling. O’Neill’s has generated positive feedback since it has become a widely renowned sporting textile.

O’Neill’s has sponsored the Ireland International rules team in the past decade. They also sponsor most inter-county teams in Ireland such as Galway, Dublin, Cork, Kerry and Donegal.

Image result for galway gaa jersey  Image result for kerry jersey

In my opinion, O’Neill’s sportswear is the most popular among people in Ireland. I have noticed from my time at college that roughly 60% of the people I talk to in a given day are wearing some kind of O’Neill’s sportswear. Not only is it a big brand, it’s a comfortable sportswear which I know from experience.

Written by: Seosamh O Cuirrin


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